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I am the founder and CEO of Woundcare Global. Our job is on Wound Care and treatment, and our patients we are treating a lot of positive feedback. Our patients usually contacted us from social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook. Our patients, who were satisfied with our treatment, told us that they were having trouble giving references to people who needed help like themselves, and that they were not using social media. In this respect, we have received a lot of criticism about why our multilingual website is not accessible to everyone. The Woundcare global project was launched in order to reach people who need help and transfer our knowledge to our valuable people.

I participated in many training related to wound care. In 2011, I started interning at Ibni Sinai Hospital in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. I also interned in a lot of private hospitals. I started working at the Real-Med Clinic in Azerbaijan in 2012. After working here for four years, I started working at the “Unikal” clinic. During this time, I treated more than 100 diabetic foot injuries. I've treated more than 20 bed patients with bed-dependent and negative results. We're still in touch with these patients. The real comments of these patients can be found in the video gallery section of our site. Again, I give my patients position and care training in order to prevent injuries from occurring again every 2-3 months.

I cured more than 30 patients with pressure ulcers and post-radiotherapy wounds. I helped patients with Nasser who had a walking problem. I've healed the foot wounds in the process, which causes a lot of problems in diabetics and goes back to the loss of the foot. I used the “3to wire” system to help them move comfortably in their normal lives. Wound care is a team job. I would like to thank all of my doctor friends who worked with me in the treatment process.

I am also the founder of The Wound Care Unit in Sumqayit, Azerbaijan. I'm the founder of the club for diabetics called “end amputation.” Members of this club meet every three months. In these meetings, we inform the patients and their relatives about foot care and the recurrence of the injuries.

End of patients with diabetes…

If you have wounds that haven't healed in over three weeks and most of them don't respond to treatment, you can send us a photo of the wound and the final analysis. When you arrive in Azerbaijan or Turkey, we can help you with our solution partners for your accommodation and transfer. If you do not know Turkish or Azeri, we can arrange a special interpreter for you with our solution partners.

When you apply to us, you will first get the best treatment plan with the most appropriate cost. Our biggest goal in Woundcare globally is to protect patient rights and improve our patients ' daily lives.

Our goal is cost-effective treatment